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3.5.2017 Tribal Fusion Workshops Sharon Kihara – Berlin, GER

6/7.5.2017 Tribal Athens Fest Polina Shandarina, Iza Logonowicz, Alexandra Zervou, Eva Chantzichristou, Anna Dimitratou, Kira Lebedeva – Athens, GRE

6/7.5.2017 Gothla France – Mat Jacob, Jessica Nadyka, Deborah Blachier, Taylamara, Mell – Salle des Cedre, FRA

6/7.5.2017 BlackForest InBetween Gabriella – Offenburg, GER

7.5.2017 Tribal Blossom Workshop Alice Shantala – Novara, ITA

7.5.2017 Spring Drills MizkaoZ – Leuven, BEL

12-14.5.2017 La Divina Comedia at Tribalermus Francesca Pedretti, Violet Scrap, Alice Giampieri, Patrizia Pin – Palermo, ITA

13/14.5.2017 Tribal Fusion Project Mareike – Frankfurt, GER

19-21.5.2017 Fusion Finesse Kami Liddle – St.Gallen, SUI

19-21.5.2017 Spring Intensive Manca Pavli – Ljubljana, SLO

20.5.2017 ATS Jam Lisa Bügel Jørgensen – Fanø, DEN

20.5.2017 2.Osnabrücker ATS PowWow Naina – Osnabrück, GER

21/22.5.2017 Roots & Wings Samantha Emanuel – Geneva, SUI

21/22.5.2017 Fusion Breeze 3 Hazel – Ghent, BEL

26-28.5.2017 Tribal Festival Belarus Olga Meos, Polina Shandarina, Alina Tsvetkova, Ekaterina Malitovskaya – Minsk, BLR

26-29.5.2017 Tribal Remix VI Kami Liddle, Samantha Emanuel, Silvia Salamanca, Hilde Canoodt, Dominika Sucheka, Inga Petermann, Agata Zakrzewska – London, GBR

27/28.5.2017 Tribal Fusion Foundations & Training Patrizia Pin – Cervignano del Friuli, ITA

28.5.2017 ATS Workshops Mareike – Offenbach, GER


2-4.6.2017 Roma Tribal Meeting ATS Sisters Collective, Armonica Dance Company, Charlotte Wassell, Gudrun Herold, Milana, Valenteena Ianni & Viviana Ayla Pierdominici, Philippa Moirai, Agata Zakrzewska & Katarzyna Lidia, Michiyo of FCBD, Melli Sarina, Eva Sampedro – Rome, ITA

2-4.6.2017 Tribal Factory – The Festival Alexis Southall, Violet Scrap, Lamia Barbara – Fribourg, SUI

3/4.6.2017 Tribal Fusion Project Mareike – Frankfurt, GER

9-11.6.2017 Tribal Festival Hannover – Hannover, GER

12-25.6.2017 ODI.Orchidaceae Dance Intensive – Lisbon, PRT

16-20.6.2017 Jamila Level 1 Workshops Suhaila Salimpour – London, GBR

17/18.6.2017 360° Orient Tribal Fusion Special Eliana Hofmann – Osnabrück, GER

21-26.6.2017 Move like Water – Retreat Colleena Shakti – Crete, GRE

22-25.6.2017 Dance Retreat Suhaila Salimpour – Cáceres, ESP

24/25.6.2017 Tribal Burn Joline Andrade – Odessa, UKR

24/25.6.2017 Tribal Fusion Workshops Patricia Zarnovican – Offenbach, GER


1/2.7.2017 ATS and Beyond 2.0 Colette Todorov, Sandi Ball – Munich, GER

7-9.7.2017 Tribal Fusion Intensiv Project Patricia Zarnovican – Innsbruck, AUT

8/9.7.2017 Tribal Fusion Project Mareike – Frankfurt, GER

8/9.7.2017 Indian Fusion Workshops Colleena Shakti – Barcelona, ESP

13-16.7.2017 Gothla UK – Francesca Pedretti, Alice Giampieri, Patrizia Pin, Morgana, Ida Mahin, Carina, Bex, Heike, Elisa Saha, Meilyn, Lynne Chapman, Sam Hough,… – Leicester, GBR

15/16.7.2017 Tarracofusion Mat Jacob, Illan Riviere, Phillipa Moirai, Alexis Southall – Tarragona, ESP

15/16.7.2017 Black Forest Tribal Fest InBetween Latifah Abdel, Claudia Dufner – Oberharmersbach, GER

19-23.7.2017 Dance in Concert Project Patricia Zarnovican, Natalie – Leipzig, GER

20-23.7.2017 Tribal CPH Dud Muurmand, Lisa Bügel – Copenhagen, DEN

22/23.7.2017 Datura Style Weekend Amanda Pittoreska, Anji Dans – Augsburg, GER

26-30.7.2017 Tribal Fusion Summercamp II Josefine Wandel,… – Osnabrück, GER


4-6.8.2017 Fiesta Tribal Dance Festival Philippa Moirai, Alisa Gurova, Max Zagumennikov – Kiev, UKR

8-20.8.2017 Tribal Umrah – Viarggio, ITA

24-28.8.2017 Caravanseray Vienna Michelle Sorensen, Patricia Zarnovican, Agata Zakrzewska, Dud Muurmand, Melli Sarina, Patrizia Pin, Nakari – Vienna, AUT


2/3.9.2017 Dance Synthesis Intensive Samantha Emanuel – St.Gallen, SUI

8-10.9.2017 Fusion Faire Lamia Barbara, Mat Jacob, Michelle Sorensen, Piny Orchidaceae, Violet Scrap – Zagreb, CRO

30.9./1.10.2017 Desiderias Tanztee – Workshops & Show Patricia Zarnovican – Flensburg, GER


7.10.2017 Tribal Fusion & Featherfans Project – Part I Lisa Müller-Albrecht – Wuppertal, GER

13/14.10.2017 Tribal Fusion Workshops Samantha Emanuel – Sevilla, ESP

14/15.10.2017 Dabke Fusion – Edinburgh, GBR

20-22.10.2017 Black Forest Tribal Fest No.7 – Oberharmersbach, GER

27-29.10.2017 Infusion Emporium – Wolverhampton, GBR


4/5.11.2017 Tribal Fusion Workshops Ashley Lopez – Cork, IRL

4/5.11.2017 Tribal Fusion Workshops Patricia Zarnovican – Niedernhausen, GER

10-12.11.2017 Shimmy Shake – Rotterdam, NED

11/12.11.2017 Tribal Fusion Workshops Patricia Zarnovican – Stuttgart, GER

18.11.2017 Tribal Convention – Nuremberg, GER

30.11-3.12.2017 ATS Black Forest Intensive Anita Lalwani, Kristine Adams – Offenburg, GER


8-10.12.2017 The Tribal Experience Fest Barcelona, ESP

9.12.2017 Tribal Fusion & Featherfans Project – Part II Lisa Müller-Albrecht – Wuppertal, GER

9-11.12.2017 Tribal Moonlight Festival Mardi Love, Violet Scrap, Mat Jacob, Hazel, Mell, Lauren Jeanette – Simiane-Collongue, FRA

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