DA – Nakari Choreo Project 2017 Introductory Workshop

DA Who

Sat 29.04.2017 10:00 – 13:00 3h 55€
Doro’s little home-studio
Friedrich-Engels-Platz 15-16/9, 1200 Vienna
Limited number of participants! Please register at
If you register till 1.3.2017 we’ll include you in the doodle-date scheduling poll for the following workshops.
Level: Intermediate/Advanced

After magical beginnings and aided by the Force on our journey through the galaxy, next Dumbledore’s Army is going to travel through time. Step into the blue box, come save the world with us, and whatever you do, don’t blink! In the end we will land on the Caravanseray Show stage, and the journey begins here – at DA Introductory Workshops we will learn the first few sequences of the new choreography, and you have the chance to get to know the project and join in!
(All characters and names from Harry Potter belong to J.K. Rowling and all characters and names from Dr. Who belong to BBC)

We offer you:
– learn an original Nakari DC Choreography
– perform at Austria’s biggest international Tribal & Fusion Festival Caravanseray Vienna, at the incredible CarVie Show on a rockstar stage of Szene Wien
– receive almost 30 hours of instruction, individual and group coaching and assigned homework
– boost your Tribal Fusion technique and your dance skills
– develop your stage presence and movement expression
– follow a detailed schedule, that motivates you to also train at home between the workshops
– receive advice for basic costuming and stage make-up tips
– be guided through the whole exciting process, from the studio to the stage, we are always willing to help with everything you need as best as we can

We expect from you:
– intermediate to advanced Tribal Fusion skills and knowledge
– dedication and time for your dance training also outside the workshops; depending on your already existing skill level, the extra time needed might be quite different throughout the group – we welcome different levels, and will find the perfect position for you in the choreography according to your skill set
– capacity and good sense of working together with a group in tribal spirit, no diva behaviour
– responsibility for assembling and making your own costume according to the group guidelines and by the set deadline, of course with help by us and the group
– awareness of the requirements for the stage performance; we leave the option open to exclude the dancers who are unable to perform the choreography or finish the costume by the set deadlines, from the stage performance – we’ll do our best to motivate you, but it’s your responsibility to schedule your own rehearsal time and to complete the scheduled homework. The group is only able to do their best work when each individual is also doing their part ;)
– direct communication skills and willingness to use them

Offer & Costs:

Introductory Workshop – 55€
this will be deducted off the DA package fee if you book the whole package

DA Package – 487€
till 29.04.2017

DA Package – 527€
after 29.04.2017, payment also possible in two installments: 1. installment 264€ till 29.04.2017, 2. installment 263€ till 15.07.2017 (more installments are also possible, please talk to us directly before the 29.04.2017)

You receive:
8x 3h choreography workshop
1x video homework (with feedback at the 2.individual coaching)
2x 1h individual coaching (1.coaching before DA3, 2.Coaching before DA5)
1x 1h stage rehearsal
1x 1,5h final rehearsal
1x technical rehearsal runthrough on the day of the performance

Additional DA private coaching for a discount price 40€, in small groups up to 3 persons 60€


If you register till 1.3.2016 we’ll include you in the doodle-date scheduling poll for the following workshops. The following cursive dates are a preliminary suggestion:

Sat, 29.04. 10-13:00 DA1
DA2 – DA8 date scheduling poll for registered by 01.03.
?Thur 17.08. 17:00-18:00 stage rehearsal
Tue, 22.08. 19:00-20:30 final rehearsal

Fri, 25.8. 16:00-22:00 tech rehearsal runthrough, performance

If you are interested, but not yet sure that it’s the right thing for you, please feel free to ask any questions at or call us at 004369910381194. Let’s make the magic happen!

Workshops at Caravanseray Vienna 2017

carvie17_poster_a3_2Thur – Mon 24-28.08.2017
Shows, Workshops, Bazaar, Outings and more are waiting for you!

Improvisational Tribal – Wüstenrosen Style – Nakari
Thu 24.8. 14:30 – 16:30 2h 40€
Level: Open

Open at the Close – Doro
Sat 26.8. 13:15 – 15:15 2h 40€
Level: Intermediate

I am Root – Michaela
Sun 27.8. 12:45 – 14:45 2h 40€
Level: Open