About Nakari

10733842_723087834438014_4594915804826462953_o Nakari Dance Company, founded in 2008, are Doro Altenburger & Michaela Hamajova.They are dancing and living in Vienna, and traveling for the dance and further education all across Europe and the wider world. With their modern interpretation of an ancient dance form they have spanned many dance styles in creating their choreographies, and with open minds let the dance take them in a new direction every time, while always keeping in touch with their tribal roots. They are passionate about tribal style in all its forms, dancing Improvisational Tribal Style with Wüstenrosen Tribe, and being creative with fusion styles in their duo, and as solo dancers or a part of various collaborative constellations.

Nakari are committed to spreading the tribal virus, providing the „Tribal News“ to better connect and inform the dance community in Europe. They stay in close contact with the tribal dancers in neighboring countries and believe in a supportive community. Their annual event „Caravanseray Vienna“ is by now Austria’s biggest and most talked about event for contemporary tribal and oriental fusion art forms, inviting internationally acclaimed tribal dancers to Vienna and giving space to thriving collaborations.

Our dedication to Tribal Style brought us to the fateful meeting as dancers of the Viennese Wüstenrosen tribe. Soon after, our wish and common objective, to elevate the public opinion of this dance style and spread it among the people, led us to start the Nakari duo. The focus of Wüstenrosen on the Improvisational Tribal Style, and the possibilities of the duo to experiment with our own ideas and implement them in fusion pieces allow us to experience all facets of Tribal Style. We indulge our creativity not only in choreographing and making new dances, but also in collaborations with other dancers and artists of all genres, costume designs, bringing our photoshooting ideas to life, and all kinds of creative shenanigans!

Via Nakari and Wüstenrosen events and instruction we work tirelessly on building up the Austrian Tribal scene and make it more visible to the general public. Looking beyond the borders, we often travel to international Tribal events all around Europe, and are excited about the growing worldwide community of tribal dancers that was brought together by the passion for dance and strengthened by friendship and mutual support.

Our longtime dream has been the acknowledgement of modern ethnic dance styles in all their forms, and especially Bellydance. We’ve also been working towards this goal with our yearly festival ‘Caravanseray Vienna’, attended by local and international stars of the tribal scene, and providing high-quality shows and qualified teaching, thus attracting dancers and fans from all over the world.

Besides festivals, we perform at various occasions, such as street festivals, concerts, shows, openings and vernissages, multimedia art projects, private events; this way we reach a bigger audience outside of the Oriental dance scene.

Tribal Bellydance is bringing ancient archetypes onto modern stages and appeals to each person in their own way.

We’re glad that you found us, and hope you’ll experience this amazing dance live soon! Our upcoming performances can be found under Events.

Doro & Michaela