1002527_10202729478340069_4598081032010291854_nWhen I was a little girl my sisters and I used to set up a lot of shows together with the neighbours‘ kids. We were constantly planning and preparing our next programs. With much enthusiasm and phantasy we created circus-shows, danced, performed sketches and had our own little orchestra. All families were invited to watch our performances and they had as much fun as we had.

At the age of five I started with violin lessons and two years later I added cello lessons. For many years I was a member of orchestras and choirs at school and music school. Later we moved from Bavaria back to Austria and there I got some new inspirations.

The first time I heard middle eastern music it was electrifying – the music went straight into my heart and … well, I just couldn’t sit still anymore. There was this pull, where I had to dance, dance, dance and since then I have never stopped.

At that time I lived in a little village with exactly one church and one tiny shop … and – luckily for me – exactly one oriental dance class. In Marion Hrdlicka-Perl I found my first dance teacher, who perfectly understands how to unite technique, a sense of quality and professionality with joy and passion for life. But soon I was hungry and curious for more and took every opportunity to learn different styles of oriental dance from various teachers and to catch glimpses of hip hop, indian dance, folklore, ballet, flamenco, standard dances, modern dance, afro, yoga, and drumming.

One day in class Marion introduced us to tribal style and taught us some basic moves. And I got to see my first picture of Rachel Brice! Well, this was what I was waiting for … I was infected and truly hooked!

First I spent some months reading every scrap of information I could find, soaked up every picture and video. At that time I was pretty disappointed by the lack of tribal classes in my area. Anyway, I started to learn moves from the videos and with endless enthusiasm even started making my first tribal costume. This was soon needed as Marion, Alexandra and I formed the Tribal Fusion Group MADspice.

Slowly the Tribal community in my area grew, I found some other tribal obsessed ladies, and together we travelled to teachers at every location we could reach within a few hours. Then we heard of Hildegard Kirchweger, tribe mother of Wüstenrosen (Desert Roses), admitting new members into her tribe and guess what … now I’m a little Desert Rose myself!

Wüstenrosen being a relatively strict ATS ( American Tribal Style) tribe, and me not always wanting to follow the rules, I soon became aware of Desert Rose Michaela … discovering that we had a lot in common.
We share the same passion for mixing and blending happily together all kinds of music, spectacular moves and fabulous outfits creating our very own style.

So here we are: The Tribal Fusion Duo “Nakari“!

Doro’s teachers

Over the years I had a lot of teachers. The most important are:

  • in oriental style:
    Marion Hrdlicka-Perl, Bahara, Amoura, Cassandra.
  • in tribal style:
    Bri Hurley, Sharon Kihara, Martina Crowe-Hewitt, Kami Liddle, Olivia Kissel, Moria Chappell, Kajira Djoumahna, Rachel Brice, Elizabeth Strong, Manca Pavli, Samantha Emanuel, Mardi Love, Tjarda van Straten, Heather Stants, Alexis Southall, Matthias Lauwers, Anasma, Coleena Shakti, Mira Betz, Shahrazad, April Rose, The Lady Fred, Rachel Soto, Hildegard Kirchweger, Stania Mužíková, Francesca Pedretti, Kimberly Mackoy, Asharah, Amy Sigil
  • in other dance styles:
    Eva Kraft, Martina Haager, Elena Todeva,………….

Further education:

  • 2012 start of the bachelor studies „pedagogics for contemporary dance“ at the Konservatorium Wien
  • 2011-2012 extra-occupational education of dance pedagogics in the Chladek-System
  • 2011 successfully completed the teaching certificate course with Bri Hurley in the Bá Thani method of Tribal Style oriental dance and group improvisation basics
  • 2009-2010 participation in a two year Oriental Dance Education Program with Khaled Seif, Dr.Gamal Seif, Aladin El Kholy.