*Update 26.5.21
online & live / outdoor

For all live classes, please preregister and show your valid negative test notification. Indoors please wear your FFP2 masks in the foyer, hands hygiene as always.

*Update 2.11.20
From November 3rd until further notice all classes will only be held online.
*Update 30.8.20
All classes from September onwards will take place in the studio and online.

Online option same as before. The current safety precautions apply to those who join live, at the moment we are allowed to dance in our usual small groups. Please wash your hands as soon as you arrive before touching anything else, disinfectant is of course also available. When registering for the course, please write in the ‘Note’ whether you would like to come live or online. Of course, as long as there is space, you can also switch at short notice, especially switching from live to online is no problem at all – please just stay at home and join online if your health is not up to par, this is better for everyone.

*Update 4.6.20
All classes till the end of June will stay online as planned. Additionally 3 people can come live to the studio. From July onwards all of these classes are marked online+. We’ll also have more outdoor classes on the meadow.

Outdoor classes don’t have limitations that affect us anymore. No masks, only safety distance.

Online+ classes. Online everything will stay as before. For live dancers, all current safety regulations apply. Please wash your hands before you touch anything in the studio. You should wear a mask till you are on your dancing spots, but we feel it makes more sense to put your mask away before you wash your hands. Please come as dance-ready and dressed as possible and keep the pathways clear so that everyone can keep the safety distance.

*March 2020
Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, all classes will be taught online over Zoom or Skype. As soon as the restrictions are lifted, we will return to the in-person classes. The classes will be also continued online after consultation with the people registered for the respective course.

The online classes are live and will be streamed directly.

You need:

  • a good internet connection
  • a device able to receive video and sound
Online with Doro – you’ll get a link to my livestream 10 min before your class starts, via facebook messenger class chat or via mail.

Optional, but optimal:

  • Zoom works without downloading the app and making an account with your mail address, but it works better with it
  • microphone and camera – so I can also hear and see you. Laptops and smartphones usually have these built in already, but there are other creative solutions and Zoom has a chat as well, so we’ll be able to communicate even without both
Online with Michaela – registration with an e-mail address via website or your Microsoft / Apple account via the desktop or phone app. To join the online class, you need to add Michaelas username on Skype, so that she can add you to the class group call. You will receive Michaelas username via the Facebook messenger group for your class, or if you’re not on FB messenger, via a different communication channel.