Drills & Skills

Bring more diversion, accuracy and challenge into your dance! After an invigorating warm-up to increase your balance and strength we will break down the technique and extensively drill the concept so that it gets into your muscle memory. We practice our dancers posture, learn ambitious new moves, work on broadening our movement vocabulary and develop small combinations to improve your overall dance presentation. Then we are ready for a decent stretching part to enhance your flexibility. A perfect way to end the week loosened and relaxed and ready to start the weekend energetic!

Open for all levels. Binding registration or cancellation up to 24 hours before each session.

Next dates:

23.10. M | 06.11. M | 13.11. D | 04.12. D | 11.12. M


online & live
Dancing live in the studio is allowed if the 3G rule is adhered to. Mask requirement and minimum distance are no longer applicable.
Block of 5

Saturdays | 10:00-12:00 | 5x
€ 100,-


Saturdays | 10:00-12:00 | 1x
€ 35,-