Improv Team Sync

Improvisational Tribal Style is taking the Tribal world by storm and arrived in Austria by now! ITS is created by Amy Sigil from Unmata and has its roots in American Tribal Style, Bellydance, HipHop and Hula, and is the youngest of the worldwide tribal-languages. Known for it’s incredibly well thought through system, that lets you use various formations and group sizes, minimalist costumes, modern music choice, short ‘stall moves’ and longer movement phrases, and all of that in a crisp pace that gets your blood pumping!


online & live
Dancing live in the studio is allowed if the 3G rule is adhered to. Mask requirement and minimum distance are no longer applicable.
Trial Lesson

For beginner courses


Für Wüstenrosen ATS, Tribal Fusion, Improv Team Sync, Morning Mattime

Level 1-3

Thu 07.10. | 20:00-22:00 | 8x
@D | € 165,-