Dumbledore’s Army Choreography Project – Introductory Workshop


Saturday, 18.04. 2020 | 13:00-16:00 | 1x

Level: very motivated beginners/intermediate/advanced

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For the sixth time we’ll be meeting at the crossing of dance and fandom, where the heroines and heroes of our favourite stories step on stage and translate their story into dance. The theme is still a secret, but you already know it will be epic once again! We will reveal the theme in grand style at the Badass Bellydancers Hafla in January!

In the DA Introductory Workshop we will learn the first sequences of the new choreography, and in case you’re not decided yet, you’ll have the chance to get to know the project and join in! We’ll premiere the piece at the Caravanseray Show 2020 and afterwards we’ll take it on tour to other events.

If you have questions before joining, ask us at nakari@nakari.info and join the DA plotting meetings where you’ll get your questions answered and we’ll start planning for the piece.

Level: very motivated beginners/intermediate/advanced

We offer you:

  • an original Nakari DC nerdy cosplay bellydance choreography
  • an individually adjusted level of involvement with the choreography according to your available time and skills
  • a performance at the CarVie Show
  • 30+ hours of instruction, individual and group coaching and assigned homework
  • boost your Tribal Fusion technique and your dance skills
  • a detailed schedule, that motivates you to also train at home between the workshops
  • practice videos with explanations
  • a private Facebook group for coordination and exchange among the group
  • be guided through the whole exciting process, from the studio to the stage – Tribal Fusion choreography, stage presence and expression, costuming and stage make-up tips

We expect from you:

  • intermediate to advanced Tribal Fusion skills and knowledge
  • dedication and time for your dance training and homework outside the workshops
  • capacity and good sense of working together with a group in tribal spirit, no diva behaviour
  • responsibility for assembling and making your own costume
  • awareness of the requirements for the stage performance; we leave the option open to exclude the dancers who are unable to perform the choreography or finish the costume by the set deadlines, from the stage performance
  • direct communication skills and willingness to use them; online communication should always be sent to both of us
  • concentration and no cell phones during workshops
  • individual questions will be cleared in the individual coachings

DA is a choreography project – we focus on learning the choreo and formations, on the group as a whole.

Focus on the technique in Tribal Fusion classes and your own training.

For further technique practice we recommend the Drills&Skills classes, and offer additional DA individual coachings at a discounted rate 40€ pP, in small groups of 3-4 persons 20€ pP.

Workshop time is for dancing. General questions, warming up and cooling down can be done 30min before and after the workshop.

Offer & Costs:

Introductory Workshop – 55€ (will be deducted off the DA package fee if you book the whole package)

DA early bird package – 487€ till 18.04.2020

DA package – 527€ after 18.04.2020, payment also possible in two installments: 1. installment 264€ till 18.04.2020, 2. installment 263€ till 15.07.2020 (more installments are also possible, please talk to us directly with a payment plan proposal and keep to it)

DA late bird package  – additional 20€ for payments after 15.7.

You receive:

  • 8x 3h choreography workshop
  • 1x video homework (with feedback at the 2.individual coaching)
  • 2x 1h individual coaching (1.coaching before DA3, 2.Coaching before DA5)
  • 1x 1h small group coaching (before DA5)
  • 1x 1h staging rehearsal
  • 1x 1,5h final rehearsal
  • 1x technical rehearsal runthrough on the day of the performance


The Doodle-poll for dates of the DA3 – DA8 Workshops will close on 15.3.2020

Following dates are already set:

Plotting Meeting I Sat 25.1. 14:00-15:00

Plotting Meeting II Fri 13.3. 20:00-21:00 (nach Tribal Wohnzimmer)

DA1 Sat 18.04. 13:00-16:00

DA2 Sat 25.4. 13:00 – 16:00

General rehearsal Tue 25.8. 19:00 – 20:30 (compulsory for all)

Stage rehearsal & Performance CarVie20 Fri 28.8. 15:30 – 23:00 (compulsory for all)

VIECC20? Sat/Sun 21/22.11. (we will apply to perform)