Tribal Fusion – Focus Element: Water | start: Mon 18.10. | 6x


Monday | 19:20-20:35 | 6x

18.10. | 25.10. | 08.11. | 15.11. | 22.11. | 29.11.
@Michaela, 1070 Vienna + Online

Level: Basics

The course takes place from 6 registrations up to one week before the start of the course.

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Inspired by the world around us, by tarot, astrology and the universal symbols that surround us in various manifestations, we will travel through the 4+1 elements that are recognized in slight variations in all cultures and mystical arts around the world – Air, Water, Fire, Earth, all unified in Spirit. The first one will be Air, found in our breath and the lightness that can be found inside and outside ourselves, transformed into the movement quality and applied to the dance movements.