Tarot Talk

What is tarot? A language of symbols, images and archetypes packed into a deck of cards, fascinating the human imagination for centuries and bringing a touch of mystery wherever they crop up. Where do the cards come from, what is a myth and what is actual history, and finally, how can you use this versatile tool for yourself? You can find all that out in this Tarot Talk! No previous knowledge needed. More Tarot Talks are planned if there is enough interest!


Live / Online / Recording
The mask requirement and 2G rule are no longer applicable. The testing offer in Vienna has also been reduced, so we will no longer require tests and instead trust in your personal responsibility and regular testing in your own (and all of our) interest. We also believe it makes sense to wear the mask when two groups are changing in common areas, as well as the hygiene precautions that are already known to everyone (wash your hands as soon as you arrive etc). Also big thank you to everyone who uses the online option if they have symptoms of illness!
We are fully boosted.

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