Boudoir Dance – Chairdance Workshop Choreo ‚CandyShop‘ | Sa 21.09. | 1x | @D


Samstag, 21. September 2024 | 15:30-17:30 | 1x

Level requirement: Open

The course takes place from 4 registrations up to one week before the start of the course.

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Level-Voraussetzung: Offen

When your dance partner is a chair, everything is allowed except well-behaved sitting! Even a small change in posture, gaze and body tension increases the charm. Then we follow with poses and dance movements that result in a short, exciting choreography on the chair, next to the chair and around the chair. We’ll be dancing to CandyShop by CryJaxx, Junior Charles.

let’s channel your inner ‚less fucks to give attitude‘
dresscode: everything where you can move in well, choreo will always be adapted to the participants, if you’re sensitive it’s best to have bedeckte Oberschenkel/Schultern, Socken, maybe Kneepads (*no heels, because of reasons)… whatever makes you feel strong & sexy!