Wüstenrosen ATS

From the Orient through North Africa, India, Spain, all the way to the Balkans, Tribal Style Bellydance blends various styles of dance and out comes a new dynamic dance with set rules. A group – tribe of strong, proud women dances in a group improvisation, the movements are earthy, grounded, snakelike, dignified.

Dare to enter the fascinating world of a dance style that won many hearts and changed many lives! Learn a secret language of the body that is spoken and understood by dancers all over the world! Gain a better understanding and control of your own body!

From the basic steps, moves and principles to the complex combinations and formations of the Tribal Style group improvisation, we learn ways of communicating without words and improvising in sync in a group format following the subtle but exact cues of the leader. Each dancer inhabits the role of a tribal leader and leads the group in improvisation for a while, then steps back and becomes a follower as another dancer takes over the lead.

We teach the ‘Wüstenrosen’ ATS Movement Dialect, developed by the Vienna-based tribe Wüstenrosen (Desert Roses) and steadily spreading over Austria. The ‘Wüstenrosen’ format has at its core the American Tribal Style by FatChanceBellyDance, with Blacksheep Bellydance and Gypsy Caravan variations of moves, and a growing number of own creations and variations. The clear and logical structure allows easy understanding with other ATS dancers and tribes of various dialect formats and lets us dance together, which is what Tribal is ultimately about!

In the Tribal Style Level classes you will progressively learn the basic principles, formations and repertoire for Wüstenrosen ATS Movement Dialect, including the Moving Meditation and an overview of the history and creation of Tribal Style.

In the Specials you will learn to dance with various accessories like skirts, swords, zills. You will expand your knowledge of formations like duets, trios, quartets, diagonal, cascades, … and use their full potential, or you will enrich your dance repertoire with moves influenced by Bollywood or Flamenco.

Are you a beginner? The Level 1 class is the perfect match for you!

I you’re unsure which level fits you or you don’t see your desired level or special please let us know your wishes at nakari@nakari.info