Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions of Nakari Dance Company

These terms and conditions apply to all services and products of Nakari Dance Company and contractual relations between dance students and Nakari Dance Company, including any future contracts.
Oral subsidiary agreements to this contract are invalid; every change to or amendment of this agreement must be made in writing.

All dance classes take place, if not stated otherwise, once in a week from the starting date at the specified time and location. During the school breaks (summer, christmas, semester break) the semester classes are usually paused.

The registration for a class obliges the participant to pay the full class fee. The class fee is to be paid either in advance per bank transfer, or latest at the first class unit in cash. For all regular classes there is a possibility of installments, the first installment 50% of the class fee is to be paid by the 1.class unit, the second installment 50% of the class fee is to be paid by the 5. class unit. All listed prices are final prices containing all price components. Absence of the registered participant from the class does not exempt the participant from his/her obligation to pay.
The first class unit of the semester can be booked as a try-out class, if the student registers for the full class afterwards, the try-out class will be deducted from the semester fee. The rest of the payment is to be paid in full by the 2.class unit, or in two installments 50% by the 2.class unit, 50% by the 5.class unit.

Paid fees and advance payments cannot be reimbursed. Vacation, private or work hindrances are not a valid cancellation reason. If a class is cancelled by Nakari Dance Company, the paid fee will be repaid in full or credited toward another class. Credits and vouchers are valid one year from the date of issue and are non-transferrable.

The number of weekly classes is not a contingent. A replacement for missed classes cannot be requested. If you excuse yourself from the class unit at least 2 hours before the start of the class, we offer the possibility to make up for the missed class in other weekly classes with the same instructor by the end of the semester, after an agreement with the instructor and if the class size allows it. You can also make up a class in advance if you already know you’ll miss your regular class.
A special offer for our dance students – if you book two or more semester courses, you can also make up for your missed and excused classes in form of a private coaching. Four missed classes equal one private coaching.

Absence is to be noted at least 24 hours before the begin of the class or workshop, otherwise the full fee is to be paid by the participant. With an unexcused absence the class will expire and a replacement class can not be requested.

In case of a serious medical issue lasting over several weeks, we will endeavour to find a goodwill solution and after an agreement to allow the missed classes to be transferred to the following semester.

The skills acquired in the dance classes or workshops, such as steps, movement sequences, choreographies etc. are meant for personal use. Direct or indirect transfer to others, especially for commercial use, instruction or training, for free or at a charge, is not allowed.

Video, film or photo recordings are not allowed at any time, or need explicit permission by the instructor. In case of existing permission, or video and photo material being provided by the instructor, it is for personal use only, sharing with third parties or publishing is not allowed. I agree and consent that my participation in the activities in and outside the dance room (classes, performances, festivities etc.) will appear on the recorded documentation on the photos and videos, and in this form will be published on the promotional materials, in the internet or in the press. Neither the recording nor the publishing imply compensation claims, financial or other. The permission can be revoked at any time, and I will not be disadvantaged in any way by my revocation..

Personal data will not be transferred to third parties, and only used to inform you about news, classes and events. The participant gives their permission, revocable in writing at any time, for their personal data provided with the registration to be used beyond the duration of the course to inform about news, classes and events, especially per e-mail and text message. Furthermore, the participant gives their permission that their appearance in recordings in connection to Nakari Dance Company can be used without claim of compensation and without restrictions.

You should advise the instructor if you have any medical conditions or limitations before the start of a class/workshop. I you have a pre-existing medical condition please discuss your intention to join a belly dance class/workshop with your doctor or specialist BEFORE attending class/workshop. You are reminded that you attend at your own risk.
Nakari Dance Company are not responsible for any accidents or injuries incurred during class/workshop time. The instructors offer movement variations for various levels to provide a suitable challenge and support. It is in your own interest to listen to your body and act responsibly.

The participation in the classes as well as visit of the dance studios is at your own risk. Any liability is excluded for damages caused by participants to themselves or others. Nakari Dance Company is not liable for personal objects of participants. The participant is liable for any damages he/she causes on the dance studios, property and personal object of Nakari Dance Company.

Nakari Dance Company provides information services on their websites, reachable via addresses nakari.info, caravanseray-vienna.info, tribal-news.info. The use of the publicly accessible areas of the websites is free of charge. No liability can be accepted for the comprehensiveness, selection and content accuracy of texts, dates and posts, especially regarding third-party content on the linked websites and content by users.
Liability claims which relate to damages of a material or ideal nature which were incurred by the utilisation or non-utilisation of the information provided, are strictly excluded. Nakari Dance Company assumes no responsibility for damages of material or immaterial nature that occur through the use of faulty and incomplete information, or due to failure or malfunction of the websites.
All information and features displayed on the websites are copyright protected. Any reproduction, duplication or distribution of the contents require previous approval.

The invalidity of individual regulations of the general terms and conditions shall not affect the validity of the remaining contract regulations. The void or ineffective clause shall be replaced by such a clause which comes closest in an effective manner to the economic and legal purpose of the ineffective clause.
These Terms and Conditions shall apply in their latest version and with a signature shall be acknowledged and accepted, they are an integral part of the contract and apply therefore to any use of the offered products and services.

With my payment of the course or workshop fee I agree to abide by the general terms and conditions of Nakari Dance Company.