Caravanseray Vienna Showtickets


Theatre of Delight
with Zoe Jakes, Amy Sigil, Nakari Dance Company, Dumbledore’s Army and many more!





What embodies the sheer exuberant joy of life more thoroughly than dance, feeling the delightful flow of music, finding the story within and making it visible in a fleeting moment of time? Come witness the explosion of artistic expression on the stage; varied, colourful and as individual as the dancers coming together to fill the space with the magic of their dance. Be enchanted, be enamoured, be entertained, and by all counts, be delighted at the Theatre of Delight!

The by now famous CarVie Theater Show aims to bring Bellydance onto the big stage. Performances by all our festival teachers and other dancers from  all over the world. Prepare for a journey through various individual interpretations of what Fusion Bellydance can be and could become, influenced by each performer’s dance background and personal approach.

The show tickets are sold exclusively through this website shop – prices increase with each booking window.
VIP tickets are for free seat choice in Rows 1 to 3 and already SOLD OUT!, Regular Tickets apply for free seat choices in Rows 4 and above.

Each booking window opens at midnight on the first day and closes at midnight on the last day. No booking is possible outside the booking windows.

Late Bird 1.-21.6.2024

For more details and questions: CarVie FAQ