Tribal Style Bellydance finds itself in a rapid transformation and we are lucky to be able to follow the development and definition of a new dance style, finding its place in the world!
The newest developments culminate at international Tribal festivals, much anticipated by the worldwide Tribal community and presenting the recent work of trendsetting groups and soloists, as well as newly discovered talents.
Meanwhile, each European country has their Tribal Style ‚ambassadors‘, who stand in the centre of the local Tribal community, and regularly travel to festivals to further their dance training.
Tribal Fusion gains courage to experiment and approaches various styles and art disciplines in order to form creative partnerships.

What is Tribal Style Bellydance – by Manca Pavli, 2009
Interview with Rachel Brice – by Belly Dance China Conference, 2013
Short Documentary with Samantha Emanuel – by Ben Jacob, 2014