If you are interested to book a performance by Nakari, please contact us via
We encourage booking at least a few weeks in advance to ensure that your requested date is available.

Nakari perform at public and private events, including theatre shows, music concerts, corporate events, product presentations, vernissages, openings, multicultural festivals, balls, weddings, birthday parties, street festivals, middle-ages markets, LARP festivals, oriental-themed events …

Nakari will create a unique entertainment act for your event, tailored to your specifications, the venue and the audience, that will leave everyone with a lasting memory of an extraordinary experience.

Tribal Style Bellydance is a modern interpretation of an ancient dance, rooted in archetypal imageries and expanded through modern dance and music styles. It is earthy and dignified, mysterious and snakelike, but also fast and fun! Based in Oriental dance, with influences from various ethnic and folkloric dance styles, and rich textured costuming inspired by the tribal and folkloric aesthetics. Fascinating and exotic, but at the same time familiar and entertainig.

Nakari offer performance as:


A duo formation allows for a dynamic show with various duet and solo choreographies, tailored to your event theme and time specifications. One or more performance sets, with a possibility to add a short participative workshop for the audience, or simply an audience dance to get the party started on the dancefloor!


Do you prefer a solo dancer for your event? Enthralling highlight with a mystical note, perfect for smaller spaces and shorter performance sets.


Are you looking for more than two dancers for your event? We will organize a show with the Viennese tribal troupe Wüstenrosen.


We collaborate with several artists and performers who can accompany us to your event. Musicians, fire show or LED show, storytellers, fortune tellers and card readers, actors …
To welcome your guests and start the event with their first step through the door, dancers and performers in costume standing at the entrance, and interacting with the audience, add to the atmosphere and help create an unforgettable experience.